Touch Me Not: When It Is Not Okay to be Touched

As an adult, it is not difficult to know the difference between good touch and bad touch. But when you are a child, things are different. The innocence and the lack of ability to comprehend certain behaviors makes them vulnerable to misconduct, especially physically.

The Good vs the Bad is the talk you need to have with your child as they prep to set foot in the outside world.  But how do you do it? Yes, it isn’t easy teaching a child about how they are not supposed to be touched but children are fast learners if educated in the right way.

Make it a Rule:  You can start by making it a rule that your child cannot be touched in certain parts of his or her body, even by you. You can go a step further and teach them if they ever are touched in any of those parts by anyone, they must come and inform you about it. This way the child will not only be mindful of not allowing anyone to touch them inappropriately but will also keep you always informed.

Sometimes, it is Okay to Shout: Tell them that at times, it is okay to shout, especially in situations they feel uncomfortable in or if a stranger were to approach them, and you are not in sight. You might not be able to be there always for your child but a call for help goes a long way in preventing a disaster from happening. Yes, it is imperative to be well-mannered but sometimes it is okay to be Safe first and say Sorry later.

Teach them by Example: You cannot quote facts to children. The best way to teach them about Good touch vs Bad touch is to give them examples of it. You can begin by telling them under what circumstances, it might feel that a certain touch is bad. As an example of good touch, you can gently hold their hands for comfort or give them good night kiss each night on their forehead.  

Story Time: ‘Once Upon a Time’ is the best way to start any conversation with your child. Story telling is a great way to address the Good Touch vs Bad Touch talk with your toddler. Bedtime stories have the potential to go beyond just a sleep time activity if the story ends with a significant message.

Say Yes to Saying No: Your child needs to know when it is okay to say No. If they don’t like the way a certain person is touching them, they need to communicate to the person to stop. Teach them to set boundaries for themselves and adhere to them whether you are around or not.

Not all touch is good and learning that at an early age will always stick by your child. Some lessons are worth a life time and the learning to tell good from bad is certainly at the top of it all!

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