Spring it up!

It’s that time of the year where the botanical gardens become your child’s favourite playground, maybe you pick up a sport with your toddler as part of a family bonding activity, take your toddler to their favourite movie, or plan a camp out with them. After all, it’s spring time!

Here is how you could spend weekends during Spring time with your child:

A trip to the Botanical Gardens

Not only do botanical gardens have ample space for your toddler to play but also has many activities that you can enjoy as a family. What better than spring time to visit the garden and appreciate nature at its best. A little bit of learning along the way is of no harm, so take your child for a walk into the nature and teach him a thing or two about gardening. Gardens are also the best spot to plan out a family outing, like maybe a picnic or organise a game day while your child has a field day, quite literally!

Get Sporty

When it comes to introducing an active lifestyle, start them young. With no dearth of sports clubs across the country and a wide array of sports to choose from, engaging your child in sports that he or she finds passion in, is a great activity to pursue during spring time. From cricket, to gymnastics, swimming and even cycling, you could play a different sport each day. Your child might get tired playing, but you won’t tire out of options to keep them busy.

Camp Out with your Champ

You could create an adventure in your own backyard with camping as an activity. With minimal equipment, your child can have the maximum fun. Pack a gear, find a campground where you and your child can spend time, pitch a tent with them, or walk around the space with them. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but if your boy is Jack and you take him out for camping, Jack won’t ever be dull because camping encourages both work and play. Not to miss out on the fact that it makes for a perfect spring time activity.

Movies Night

A perfect weekend shouldn’t require a lot of work. All you need is popcorn and a subscription to an OTT Platform of your choice. Choose from your toddler’s favourite movie and watch it with them, while they get to enjoy their favourite characters on screen. If you aren’t in the mood for a pyjama party at home, you can always take them out to the movies and catch the latest release in theatres. You child is sure to remain entertained either way.

Beach Around the Bush

It is a perfect Spring time idea, where you would rather be busy beaching around, instead of beating around the bush about the weekend plan. All you need is lots of sunscreen, a hat for protection from the sun, comfortable clothing for both you and your child, and you are good to go out in the sun, while your baby has fun being a water baby!

So, don’t waste time, this Spring time!

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