Sporting the Olympics spirit: Physical Activities for your Kid

In the midst of a global pandemic when outdoor physical movement is limited, it is more imperative than ever for your child to have some form of physical exercise as part of his/ her daily routine. What better that to get inspired by the sports that athletes wordwide are competing for, in the ongoing Olympics being held in Tokyo, Japan.

There are several activities that you could organise with your child inspired by Olympic games. Some of these physical activities that can be recreated at home for your child are:

  • ‘Throw’ around the weight with Javelin throw: While going to the park and playing Javelin might not be the best idea at the moment, recreating the same activity at home with your child can be a fun way of not only incorporating physical movement in their routine but also a good way to bond with your child through sports. If you have access to a backyard, Javelin throw makes for a perfect physical activity for your toddler.
  • A Race to the finish : Organising races are a fun substitute for walks and runs that your child might not enjoy as much, as a physical form of exercise.  You can make it more engaging by organising sprints and relays for your kid and his friends. If your child is already active you could make it more challenging by introducing hurdles while they participate in the race. This will keep your child on his toes and interested, while he/ she races to the finish point.
  • Gymnastics over Gym: A gym isn’t the best environment for a toddler to begin exercising, but gymnastics is a perfect way to introduce your child to exercise. Not only is it a very good form of physical movement but it also ensures flexibility, from a very young age. Multiple routines could be created for your child which include hula hoops, ribbons or a playground ball.
  • ‘Net’ over the Internet: Net based sports such as basketball and volleyball ensure that your kid gets the much needed exposure to outdoor sports. You could place a low net for your child to play these games while his friends are over. In case the net is not available for volleyball, not to worry. Add a twist to the game by asking two children to pose as “net” for while taking turns to play the game. Whoever drops the ball first becomes the “net” the next time and the other person gets the chance to play the game. For baske ball, you could get a basket that can be placed outdoors, as well as indoors for your child to practice anytime, with or without anyone for company.
  • Water sports for the water baby: If your child is an ace swimmer, water sports are a great way to ensure muscle movement. Your child can practice different types of strokes each day, inspired by the top notch swimmers in the Olympic Games. Not only will this train your child to be a better swimmer, but he/she won’t ever be bored of the sport.
  • Onboard the board: Since it’s winter time in Australia, snowboarding (inspired by the Winter Olympics) would also make for a fun physical movement routine. While it not be an easy sport to learn, your child could dedicate half an hour everyday to practice the sport as he/she eventually gets better at it. Do make sure that your child keeps safe by investing in a good protective gear while he snowboards away to glory!
  • Jump the Rope: You could create various variations to practice this at home with your child. Slow jump, fast jump, jumping side to side, jumping forward, jumping backward, could be some of the ways you can make jump rope challenges interesting. All you need is a rope and time to get this one going.

Workouts don’t have to be boring, especially when they are inspired by the Olympic games!

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