Winter, with its clear blue skies, mild sunshine, and pleasant weather, is almost here! And so are the winter school holidays for your little ones. It’s that time of the year again when your house will be filled with laughter, pranks, and games. So, how do you utilize this opportunity to spend more time with the kids? By planning some great winter activities, of course!

Sydney has a lot of offer during the winter months, making it quite challenging to decide which activities you want your kids to enjoy. Making your task easier, this curated list contains some of the most incredible activities and remarkable experiences that you can enjoy with your little ones. Let’s find out.

    Come winter, and the beautiful city of Sydney lights up with the electrifying celebration of festivities. The city is filled with the aroma of celebratory delicacies, cheerful crowds, and stunning decorations from June to August. So, this winter, let the kiddies experience the exhilarating rush of festivals like:

    • Vivid Lights Festival
      Perhaps the most well-known of all festivals celebrated in Sydney, the Vivid Lights Festival illuminates the entire city in August. Famous locations like Sydney Opera house and Circular Quay showcase magical light shows that will leave the little ones amazed.
    • Sydney Winter Festival
      If you want your kids to enjoy some fun outdoor activities, take them to the Sydney Winter Festival at St. Mary’s Cathedral, where they can have the time of their lives zooming around the ice-skating rinks.
    • Christmas in July
      Want to give your kids an authentic and wintery Christmas experience? Head over to the Blue Mountains and be enthralled by the snowy celebrations of Christmas in July! Started as a way to experience the winter spirit of Christmas, this festival has become Sydney’s winter identity.
    Winter is the best time to teach little ones about the magnificent beauty of nature. As the weather starts to cool, it creates favourable conditions for breathtakingly stunning flora to bloom all over the city. Some fantastic places that you can take your kids are:

    • Sydney Botanical Gardens
      A lunchtime escapade to the harbourside Sydney Botanical Gardens brings you face to face to vibrant flowers and glorious trees. Enjoy a quiet family picnic with the kids while admiring the refreshing beauty of colourful flora all around.
    • Wendy’s Secret Garden
      Enjoy an exciting game of hide-and-seek with the little ones along the winding paths that roll through giant trees, beautiful flowers, resting benches, and grand sculptures. A brilliant view of the Sydney Harbour makes it worth the while.
    • Fagan Park
      Pack a picnic basket and head over to Fagan Park – A wonderful garden park completed with picnic shelters, playgrounds, museums and themed gardens. Let the little ones have a blast at the playground or tour the Garden of Many Nations along with them before you can enjoy your picnic fare.
    What better time to let the kids embrace their adventurous side than the winters? The season comes with its fair share of adventure activities for adults and kids alike. Some excellent winter adventure activities that kids can enjoy are:

    • Skiing in the Snowy Mountains
      The highest mountain range in Australia, Snowy Mountains, gets covered in a blanket of snow during winters, which makes for some great winter activities. Plan a trip to the Snowy Mountains with your kids this winter and allow them to indulge in guided skiing lessons, enjoyable snowball fights and snowman sculpting.
    • Glow Worm Hunt in the Blue Mountains
      Take your kids on an epic glow worm search at Lithgow’s Glow Worm Tunnel in the Blue Mountains. Paved through dark caves filled with luminescent glow worms, this path will give kids a magical feel.
    • Whale Watching Tour on the Sydney Harbour
      Magnanimous humpback whales migrate north during the winters to give birth. You can book a whale watching tour and take your little ones to admire these huge fishes up close. The coastal walks also have many vantage points that will allow kids to watch these whales perform their shenanigans in the ocean.

With so many experiences and much more, winter is by far the best time to give your kids a fun, lively and adventurous experience while keeping them entertained. What’s more? It also allows you to spend some quality family time with them.

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