Health and Hygiene: While the Child’s in Play

Start them young. While personal hygiene has always been vital, in these times when Covid is rampant, it has become a necessity to familiarize children with it, in the years of infancy. As a young parent, you can begin by introducing your child to wash their hands before and after every meal and more so after touching surfaces, whether clean or otherwise. Health and hygiene go beyond just washing hands.

  • Watch and Learn: What they see is what they learn. Instead of leaving it to the child, make them brush their teeth while you brush yours. Let them watch you comb your hair and keep them neat. Turn it into a ritual for you and your child to do together. 
  • Bath Time: As a toddler, bathing is probably one of the most fun routines. Fragrant shower gels, toy shaped soaps, bath bombs, could make bathing a routine that your child awaits the whole day. It can always be fun and play when it’s bath time.
  • Groom Talk: Don’t shy away from the groom talk with your kid. Whether your child is at school or out playing, a well-dressed child always makes an impression. Grooming activities like wearing clothes that are clean and ironed, combing their hair, keeping the lunch boxes clean et al, should be made a part of their daily routine.
  •  The Right Way to Wash Hands: Teach your child the right way to wash their hands, step by step. Wet their hands with water, apply soap, and rub their hands for one to two minutes until lather is formed. Ask them to rub thoroughly between fingers and under the nails to remove dirt. Preferably, the wrists should also be washed in the same manner. Finally wash away the soap with water and dry hands with a clean towel.
  • Accomplish Great ‘Feet’: While hands are given utmost attention when it comes to hygiene, feet are often ignored. You don’t want your child to run around with smelly feet. Ask your child to always wash their feet clean every time they are back from their play session. Scrub their feet and dry them with a clean cloth. Hand and feet hygiene go hand in hand, or should we say feet!
  • Hair Them Out: Hair care is an essential part of personal hygiene. A good hair care routine makes sure that a child doesn’t have scalp infections, including dandruff and lice. Washing of hair two to three times a week keeps the hair clean and shiny. Make sure that your child avoids head-to-head contact with other children and instruct them to limit the use of combs to personal use. For longer hair, teach your child to braid and tie it neatly.
  • Dental Care to Avoid the Dental Chair: No kid wants to grace the dental chair. Inculcate the habit of brushing their teeth at least twice a day to avoid cavities and other dental problems such a gum inflammation or worse, tooth decay. Flossing, washing their mouth after each meal or gargling with a pinch of salt added to water help your child maintain a good dental hygiene.

Your child should have not only the right genes but also, health and hygiene! 

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