For the Young Parent: Mental Health Check-in

The pandemic hasn’t made life easy for anyone. Almost all of us have felt mentally low at one point or the other. So, while you focus on being physically active and fit amidst these times it also becomes important to keep your mental health in check. It becomes ever more important if you are a young parent. Afterall, parenting is hard work and even in a normal scenario, can take a toll on you mentally. With the right kind of support though, you can strike a balance between parenting and maintaining a good mental hygiene.

To provide your child the best environment while he or she grows up, here is how you can look after your mental health:

Stay active and follow a routine: The first step towards being mentally fit is taking out time to maintain your physical fitness by having an active routine. Eight hours of sleep and tracking your dietary habits can also boost your physical fitness to a great extent. So, focus on always staying physically fit and mentally active, always. 

Have an Organized Schedule: Planning your day can help manage stress better. Once you are aware of your commitments throughout the day, there will be no added pressure on you to finish things at the last minute while trying to find time for your toddler amidst your busy schedules. Not only will you know what you day looks like, but also you will be able to balance time well between managing your child, and any other commitments that you might have either professionally or personally.

Flexible Working Hours:  If you are a working parent, work life balance is a must. As a young parent, you need to dedicate more time to your toddler, while he/ she goes through different phases of growth. In such a scenario, where you want to be around for your child as he/ she grows up, flexible working hours work well. Prioritizing your child’s needs over your work can at times being a major influencing factor in the overall growth and success of a child. Flexible working allow you adequate time with your child without having to mentally stress about work all day long.

The Parent Network: As parents to infants, you relate to other parents whose child is the same age group as yours. While you exchange notes on parenting, such interactions with fellow parents to toddlers, make parenting comparatively easy. Parenting might not come with a handbook, but such support groups and such a network can make a difference to the way you raise your child.

Regular Health Checkup: Health check-in with your doctor once every two to three months is imperative when you are raising a child. Apart from your regular health checkup, a consultation with a therapist once every month can help relieve stress from your life as a young parent.

Planning Ahead for Rainy Days:  As a parent, you need to be prepared for all kinds of days while making sure that your child doesn’t suffer. Planning for days when you aren’t well or days when there is a crunch financially can take off the burden of worrying about your child’s future. A stress-free life is bound to keep you in the best of space mentally, while you give the best possible life to your young one.

Not every day is the same, on some days you might struggle, but on most days you will get stronger. All you have to do is, keep going, on the good days and the rainy ones!

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