Creating a Greener World: One Tree at a Time

Planting a tree isn’t just an ‘act’, nor is it just an attractive value addition to your garden area. It is a lesson that your child can grow up to learn a lot from. Why plant trees with your child? Here are some lessons that your kid can learn from the simple act of planting a tree.

Acting Responsibly: Being responsible, is one of the first lessons that you can impart to your child in their early years. A great step in that direction would be to teach them the importance of planting trees. Not only will this teach your child to appreciate nature but also contribute to the environment.

Being Sensitive towards Nature: Planting a tree at a young age could transform into an emotional bond, as your child and the tree, both mature over the years. Your child will learn to be sensitive towards nature at a young age.

Forming a Routine: If your child gets into the habit of actively planting trees, it will turn into a routine in no time. Activities like planting one tree a week or two can help inculcate discipline while dedicating their time to a valuable activity from the onset of their early years.

Awareness: Being one with nature can teach your child to be more aware of his/ her surroundings. Your child would grow up to not only have a fondness for the environment but also be aware of the harmful impact that neglecting the surroundings can potentially have on his/ her lives. As  a parent, the act of plucking of plants should be discouraged from a young age. For every plant that your child plucks, you could get him/ her to plant a tree to make them aware of the importance of planting trees and holding them accountable.

Bonding with Nature: Your child can learn the valuable lesson of attachment by forming a connection with trees. Love for the environment can act a notable contributor in your child growing up to passionately work towards making the world a greener place.

A Lesson In Science: The process of planting trees will teach your child the practical aspects of it. How plants grow, what goes into their nutrition, germination of seeds, et al can teach them a lot about scientific facts pertaining to plants and trees.

While these are the lessons that your child can take back from the environment, what can you do on your end, other than planting trees with your child?

Tree Talk: Apart from the important lessons that your child can learn from planting trees, you as a parent can encourage them by having a ‘tree talk’ where in you teach them how trees add value to the environment, help them stay fit and healthy, are a source of food, prevent soil erosion and also reduce the need for air conditioning by acting as a natural coolant. By sharing facts with your child, you are bound to inspire your child to give back to mother nature and creating a sustainable environment.

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