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Health & Hygiene

To create a safe and hygienic environment which will promote your child’s health, our centre follows the guidelines published by the Department of Health regarding hygiene practices. For more information please visit

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Meal Times

The centre provides morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Lunch consists of a nutritionally balanced hot meal. Parents are asked to provide a piece of fruit every day their children attends. Special dietary needs are catered for.


Starting Preschool

Parents are encouraged to stay a short time with their child, however, it is usually better to leave your child but return early and spend time at the Centre with him/her. Parents are welcome to participate whenever possible by reading a story, teaching a song, playing and sharing their skills with all the children at the centre.


Extra-Curricular Activities

At The Spot Preschool, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile. Not only do we give the kids a fun, educational daily program, but we also provide a whole host of extra-curricular activities. From yoga classes to trips to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, to educational days out – your child will never be bored! Parents are always welcome to attend our regular class excursions, subject to their availability.

*Please note we endeavour to comply with COVID-19 guidelines and class trips will be subject to current government health guidelines.

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Snooze Zone

All Children are encouraged to rest during the day, rest time is namely from 1 pm till 2:30 pm, however, no children are forced to sleep. The length of time children rest is dependent upon their needs.


Your Checklist

Things to bring and things to know for your child’s attendance at The Spot Preschool Click here to download PDF


The Daily Routine

Each day’s play activities generally include painting, pasting, blocks, puzzles, playdough, construction, music, storytime, reading, sand and water play, and other outdoor activities. Children are free to choose the area of interest in which they will participate throughout the day, both as individuals and part of groups. Mathematical and language skills are also taught to give children a solid foundation to build on their skills and prepare them to enter ‘big school’.